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Welcome to A Healing Touch, were we provide Psychic readings, Life coaching, Integrated Therapy, Holistic healing, and much more. Our Founder Catherine Ferrier Smith has been working as a Psychic, Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Healer since 1981 when she made the lifelong decision to follow her Psychic calling. She is a naturally gifted Psychic and Energy Transmitter who spends her life cultivating her abilities. Although most of her Psychic, Life Coaching and Healing work is done over the phone and via Skype, she continues to see clients at her office as needed by appointment.

Meditation is the basis of all of Catherine’s work. Meditation is practicing the presence of God. In 1983 she began devoting herself to the study of the body as a whole. A total system of systems working toward a common goal…the Self, which means Healing of the Self by the Self on all levels of being well and well-being…spiritually, physically, emotionally and   more.


Her devotion to healing has taken her worldwide and especially to Beijing, China in 1988, 1989 and 1994 where she began to hone in on her Psychic Abilities, observe and experience other cultures and dimensions of the world, and study Energy Healing methods such as Chinese Medical Qi Gong and Food as Medicine.

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