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Let’s Talk Paranormal!  Live, Tuesdays 9 pm EST!  Where we talk about all things paranormal from around the world!  Fun, informative, fascinating!
If it can’t be defined by science, we want to hear about it and explore from UFO’s, Aliens, Ghosts and Big Foot to Faith Healing!  Let’s Talk Paranormal is hosted by Catherine Ferrier. Catherine is a dedicated and world traveled Paranormal Psychic with more than 33 years of reputable experience.  Being a naturally gifted paranormal psychic, author, healer and investigator, Catherine provides a unique paranormal environment for the show!  Let’s Talk Paranormal comes to you with live paranormal interviews, paranormal investigations and more! Audience Interactive via email [email protected].  

Archived Shows

07/15/14 Episode 1  

Catherine Ferrier discusses aspects of Mysticism as compared to early Christianity, modern genius and present day Paranormal.  Francis Harrison owner of www.ConsciousCuba.com, a travel agency that leads cultural and mystical tours to Cuba, gives a wonderful interview about her own mystical experiences in Cuba and discusses African Religious Roots in Cultural Mysticism in Cuba. She also discuses how safe and easy it is to go to Cuba at this time.  Francis, in addition to her own Conscious Cuba tours, is affiliated with the ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Edgar Cayce Foundation).

07/29/14 Episode 2

This week’s ‘Let’s Talk Paranormal!’  begins an ongoing series called ‘
Aspects of Faith Healing‘.  Tonight’s show focuses on Communicating With The Afterlife.  This particular show about the afterlife includes a brief history of EVP, and host, Catherine Ferrier, tells how her father’s life and his working directly with world leaders expanded her path with the paranormal.  There is also an interview with Carmen Farley, another world traveled and world influenced healer who helps people by communicating with the afterlife.  ‘Let’s Talk Paranormal!’s Psychic Team is formed and Catherine Ferrier responds to psychic questions!

08/04/14 Episode 3

This week’s ‘Let’s Talk Paranormal!’ begins with a discussion on Ebola breakout in Africa and how mass disease affects people living and as they cross over and become ‘ghosts’.  The show then focuses on UFOs, the beginnings, Tesla and other credible stories.  Mr. Yuri Dornova gives a fascinating story of his life and his UFO encounter while in the United States military.  His encounter happened on the military base while he was working!

Episode 4

This week’s Let’s Talk Paranormal encompasses two separate subjects.  The first of which is ‘Growing up Haunted’ in houses and as individuals with an interview with Mark, who grew up ‘Haunted’.  The second half of the show delves into the ‘Aspects of Faith Healing’ series with an interview with Diane Roach, Ontological Minister and Esoteric Healer.

08/26/14 Episode 5

Tonight’s Let’s Talk Paranormal discusses  Nightmares and Pre-Cognitive Dreams with an emphasis on tackling the darkness that occurs in nightmares.  Catherine interviews Chris, who tackled and mastered, without reproach, that which was consuming one third of his life as a child and a young adult! Chris tells some of his scary and funny experiences and how he developed his own process bringing his conscious mind in to assist his subconscious mind in the nightmares.

09/02/14 Episode 6

This week on Let’s Talk Paranormal, host Catherine Ferrier discusses Ghosts and Hauntings.  What exactly is a ghost?  What exactly is a haunting?  And, what do you do about it.  This particular show accentuates Catherine’s knowledge and experience in these two particular subjects with stories and insights that cannot help but provoke the expansion of the mind of the listener!

09/16/14 Episode 7

Tonight’s Let’s Talk Paranormal features a professional discussion about Demonology with Virginia’s own PSI, ParanormalScienceInvestigation.webs.com.  Catherine delves into European history and the commonplace act of conquering a people by doing away with it’s religion as being the ‘birth’ of demonology in Europe and then expands the discussion to the era of the ‘Black Death’ and how it brought the consciousness of the peoples to ‘Witchcraft’ and finally to ‘Demons’.

09/30/14 Episode 8

On tonight’s Let’s Talk Paranormal! Host, Catherine Ferrier announces her latest channeled book, Walking With Angels!  There are also two fascinating interviews on tonight’s show!  The first is ‘How Spirit Answers Our Prayers, Guides and Inspires Us; Apports, Spirit Raps and Lights Flashing’ (Diane Roach of DianeRoach.com) and ‘Haunted House Experiences’ (Vicki Haugen of MinnesotaSpiritSociety.org).

10/07/14 Episode 9

This week’s Let’s Talk Paranormal continues the discussion of Demonology (Part 2) with Virginia’s own PSI, ParanormalScienceInvestigation.webs.com.  We delve deeper into the role of the Demonologist vs. the Exorcist and vs. the Paranormal Investigator.  Engaging and informative!  Host, Catherine Ferrier announces the upcoming Paranormal School for AHealingLifeCoach.com and her two new channeled books available on Amazon.com, ‘Walking With Angels’ and ‘Souls of Benghazi’.

10/14/14 Episode 10

On this week’s Let’s Talk Paranormal, we welcome, Chris, a Zombie Enthusiast, who will inform and prepare us for that great moment in time in which we might have to experience ‘The Invasion’!  Full of laughs as well as information.  What else is there to say?!  ZOMBIES AWAY!

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                      Diane Roach

                  Carmen Farley