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“The body takes what the mind cannot”

Each life and situation is different and a Psychic and Intuitive Life Coach has the ability to take you into yourself and into your higher consciousness at your own pace and in your own time so that you can realize your truths and dislodge even a little of the walls that are keeping you from your future. Dislodging even a little of what keeps you from moving forward creates a landslide in your consciousness that moves you further, faster and stronger into your future.

Life coaching is a Spiritual Process that will help you to make change in your life. Let me begin by stating that the body stores all of our experiences. All memory, positive and negative, is stored in the cellular structure. And in cases of trauma (i.e. change), the body takes what the mind cannot. Take that in. The body doesn’t discern between positive and negative experience. It views all change as “trauma” and reacts accordingly.

During the Life Coaching process, whatever it may be for you, we find, recognize, and magnetize whatever needs to come to the surface for understanding, release, re-programming, and so on. As we bring those things up and out, we begin to re-make our world with the new understandings, wisdom and abilities. Life Coaching allows you to create your own opportunities, your own reality. Most Coaching can be achieved over the phone with Psychic and Intuitive Coaching sessions that often include Energy Healing. You may also add in-office visits that can include variations of Body and Energy work, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, RoHun Therapy and more.

What can I use Life Coaching for?

  1. Growth and Change in life initiated by you. Something you Desire or Need.
  2. Goal Setting and Achieving.
  3. During times of trauma or change in life – mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally (divorce, retirement, relocation, job change, death, disease, accidents, surgery, menopause, aging and disabilities).
  4. Dealing with Depression.
  5. Spiritual Growth and Understanding.

What is the process? How will it work for me?

Everyone’s process is individually designed according to their needs, desires, intentions, commitment level and physical ability. However, many are helped with just one visit! The first step is to schedule a Life Coaching Consultation with Catherine or purchase one of the Life Coaching books mentioned on this site. During your consultation your individual desires, healing needs and methods of achieving them will be discussed. Some approaches add the Holistic Healing Methods described on this site such as Massage Therapy, Integrated Energy, Past Life Regression Therapy, RoHun Therapy, Reiki and more!

Catherine offers a fast, easy, reputable, extensive and affordable online Reiki School so that one may learn to apply fast, effective and precise healing to one’s self between coaching sessions and throughout life!