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So how should you prepare yourself for a reading?

Well, I always say allow your intuition to lead you to the right reader. Go to the one that you feel drawn to rather than let price and availability make your decision for you. Decide before making the call the area of life that you would like to initially focus on, this helps the reader to achieve a stronger link with your own energy and relax.

I like to work to a question such as ‘what is coming up for me in my intimate relationships?’ or ‘why am I going through this particular situation?’.

Make sure you wont be disturbed during the reading and switch off your phone and any music you have playing. This is to allow the energy to flow beautifully between you and the reader.

Finally, I would like to say relax, enjoy and remember that the words are a gift to you from spirit but as in all things in life, there is free will, and it is ultimately your choice how to live and what to do in the situations you are in, in the end.

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